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The best overland camper for the nomad lifestyle

With a full line up of trim levels and available sizes for most trucks, let’s dive into why we think Skinny Guy Campers is the best overland camper on the market. With Skinny Guy Campers (SGC) cantilever design you sleep in the overhang. This creates a separate living area and with a luxurious space for multiple people.

The cavernous design creates an ample amount of standing room with plenty of options to boot. Outside the vehicle, you now have a built in overhang off the back creating further coverage from the elements. Since the SGC is 100% supported by the bedsides and factory bed tie downs, this leaves sufficient storage room underneath. This can be left open, or a dual drawer system and outdoor kitchen can be added.

Base Cap Overland Camper

The Base Cap trim level is for the adventurer that wants a blank canvas to build out to their liking. This model provides side entry as well as through the tailgate/rear hatch like a traditional canopy camper. With access through the bed, the interior is yours to build out as you see fit. Inside you’ll find complimentary interior molle panels for your overland gear and other accessories. Available options include an awning mount ($380) leaving plenty of room for other modifications such a Truma heater installed. 

Starting at $11,500

Skin ‘N Bones Canopy Camper

The Skin ‘N Bones model is a fully inclosed setup with a raised floor allowing a sub drawer system. This model offers side entry with interior bench seating and a separate sleeping area. The Skin ‘N Bones option gives you the compartments for a power management system, heater, and toilet as you see fit. You add what you want or keep it as is for extra storage. Interior includes cubby storage as well as molle panels with plenty of space for accessories of your choosing.

Starting at $16,500

Available options from SGC include a side awning mount ($380) and a dinette table ($480). 

Kit ‘N Kaboodle Overland Camper

The Kit ‘N Kaboodle model is turn key ready to go as is. With this package, you get everything the Skin ‘N Bones model offers plus much more. This includes the following: Redarc Manager 30 power management system Solar panel ranging from 100w to 190w depending on bedsize Stove and sink combo mounted in the front of the camper Interior and exterior shower with hot and cold water Fridge Truma heater A 5 gallon LP tank Smoke detector Carbon Monoxide detector Power ports and interior lighting Awning Brackets ($380) Dinette Table (480) A standard or optional full working macerator toilet ($1,800). A sub floor with fresh, grey and dark water tanks that vary in size depending on your camper size Build Quality 

Staring At $29,500 

Aluminum Exoskeleton Body

The camper’s body is made from 1/8th inch thick aluminum sheets. This choice of material provides durability, dent resistance, and corrosion resistance. The aluminum exoskeleton design is reminiscent of an insect’s exoskeleton, making the camper tough and robust. 

Stainless Steel Hardware

The camper’s bow system can withstand high wind conditions and resist corrosion effectively. Manufactured with 304 stainless steel for the tent bows, known for its corrosion resistance, strength, and formability, and 316 stainless steel hardware which offers additional strength and durability.  

Aqualon® Edge Tent Material

The tent material is made from Aqualon® Edge fabric, known for its durability and wind/water resistance. This fabric is used in high-end marine applications and is designed to be removable and replaceable. Its backing allows for good light transference into the camper’s interior, creating a spacious feeling.  

Marine Mat® Flooring

Marine mat flooring is inspired by the boating industry and is known for its extreme durability. It’s designed to handle dirt and wear and tear, making it a practical choice for the camper, especially during off-road adventures. The flooring is also removable and replaceable, making maintenance easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SGC is currently working on a 4.5’ option for the Rivian and Ford Maverick. There are also available for most size beds including the Gladiator, all midsize and full size trucks up to an 8’ bed.

This is a question we get a good amount of. Depending on which platform you have, the SGC sits right at or just above your truck cab height. As long as your vehicle clears, your truck should fit fine.

Short answer is likely and it is something we can do at our shop for you. It depends on what platform the camper is going on, what model you want and what you want to achieve with the vehicle. For instance, if you go with the Base Cap model, your suspension won’t be affected as much as the Kit ‘N Kaboodle. Feel free to reach out and we’re more than happy to dive into further detail.

As long as it ends at the cab and doesn’t protrude into the bed, then no, everything will clear just fine.

Trailers have their benefits just like an overland camper. It comes down to what you want to achieve and what kind of travel you want to do. If you prefer to set up base camp and hit the trails, then a trailer may be a better option. If you’re planning on doing an overland trip where trails are tight and you want everything in one setup, then something like an SGC may be perfect for you.

As long as you have space for the camper, it can be removed with the provided jacks. The SGC setup does not drill into the bed at all and is tied down at your bed anchor points. Simply undo the tie down points, raise the camper and use it again whenever you see fit.

The Alu Cab camper is a great setup and very well built. It comes down to what you want: The SGC setup is cab height which we prefer for a few reasons. One is vehicle handling. Since there isn’t excessive weight up high, this keeps the vehicle much more stable with on road and off road travel. Second, keeping it at cab height you are able to access everything you did before such as parking in your garage. Third, SGC is fully removable if you want to utilize your bed for something different. Each unit is equipped with jacks that make removal pretty straightforward.

The cantilever system provides a multiroom feel that provides a significant amount of room. With a traditional clamshell style camper, you have to move the bed and wake up your significant other to even get out of the camper.