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Ford Bronco Overland, The perfect adventure vehicle

The Ford Bronco is the new kid on the block of a familiar neighborhood. Other manufacturers have dominated the off-road SUV market for decades. Ford has listened to the market and delivered a platform that has become a solid competitor.

Ford has done a great job of adding factory options that used to only be available on the secondary market. For example, you can now get an accessory switch panel for auxiliary lights, and air compressors and cargo area power can be easily controlled. The Bronco comes with an IFS suspension that will be more comfortable on the road while still capable of off-road.

Although it’s a new platform, we are seeing more products hit the market from manufacturers we like. Components for full build-outs are available: 

  • Suspension Setups – More suspension setups are becoming available from the top manufacturers. Depending on the budget, current options are solid, but more are on their way.
  • Power Management – Our power management systems are built specifically for each platform and not off the shelf.
  • Interior Organization – Since space on the interior is limited, adding a drawer system to the cargo area is a good fit. This will work well with gear that you’ll want to get to at camp easily, such as a fridge and other gear for your kitchen setup
  • Roof Rack – A roof rack will go a long way for storage organization. This will make way for adding a rooftop tent or more storage for gear. 
  • Onboard Air – A twin air compressor is a good addition to a Bronco build. It can be added to a small space in the vehicle that wasn’t previously being used while making a big impact with use.

In Summary, We like the Bronco. The size makes it a perfect overland vehicle for a couple of people. The on-road drivability, even after modification, makes it a very comfortable daily driver, and the off-road capability is also there.