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JLU Wrangler Overland Builds

Jeep JLU Wrangler Overland, The perfect adventure vehicle

The JL model has brought the Wrangler to a new level of modern comfort. They are more car-like than ever, bringing new pros and cons and the best overland/expedition option for the Wrangler.

 Let’s start with the positives. The JLU provides more interior comfort than the JK while adding larger wheel wells to fit bigger tires from the factory. This creates the ability to fit a larger tire on a smaller lift for more of an overland build. It is a very capable platform to build on, meaning it has a wheelbase that can take you anywhere you want to go while maintaining a comfortable on-road drive.

Now the not-so-positive. Although the JL is more car-like on the interior than previous models, it is still a Jeep. The interior is louder than other alternative platforms, and cargo space for gear and people can be challenging. There are solutions, and you don’t have to go all the way to packing for a moto bike cross-country trip, but you need to think more about your needs vs. your wants with gear.

For the JLU, we find the 2.5” to 3” lift optimal. With 35 or 37” tires configured correctly, this will make for a very comfortable on-road drive, limit fatigue and take you anywhere you want to go off-road. We’re not building a rock crawler or something that will be trailered. We aim to build a setup that can be a daily driver and comfortable over long distances, which fits the bill nicely.

Depending if we’re doing a build for 2 or 3 or a family with two small kids or a dog dictates the interior buildout. You want everybody to be comfortable, and we can do a platform seat delete, utilize dead space wherever we can, and build up to a point where it isn’t top-heavy.

In Summary, this can be a good platform to build on if it’s for a solo build or a small family. The room is limited, but the build can be very comfortable. The JLU is a platform that is arguably the most capable off-road but does sacrifice space and some on-road driving manners compared to other options. We like the Wrangler platform and build plenty of them for our clients here in Colorado.