Our Process

At NOMAD Outfitters, we are passionate about providing our clients with the best quality and designed adventure-ready vehicle and base camp buildouts. Our goal is to help find your adventure with quality gear and well thought out builds.

An initial consultation takes place in person or via phone. From there, we both decide if it’s something we want to proceed forward with. Our focus is creating the best build possible with quality components and work. We are never going to be the cheapest option.

Vehicle purchase and build
At NOMAD, we want our clients to choose the right platform and components. We decided to take the company a step further and offer assistance in finding the right vehicle, from make and model to lining up your purchase. Once a client, we offer a no-hassle avenue for vehicle purchase with a few dealerships and auto brokers in the area. From there, we know the vehicle has been properly gone through and is ready for us to build your dream vehicle for you. Our goal is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Vehicle Build
Once all parts have been delivered, your build will be ready to begin. At that point, you are more than welcome to drop off your vehicle or ship it to us. We are building a more extensive client list of out-of-town and out of state. We are more than happy to accommodate any way we can for your delivery. 

Trips and Socials 
Once your overland build is complete, we host several private trips and socials in the area for our clients to meet. Nomad Outfitters was built on getting out and seeing the world; we would love to share that with you.