Lexus Overland Builds

Lexus Overland, We help you build your dream adventure-ready Lexus overlander.

Lexus is not typically a platform people think about for a Lexus overland build. They are likely parked in corporate parking lots and seen at soccer practice. The truth is several models are based on some of the most capable overland build platforms the rest of the world knows very well. They are highly reliable, capable, and comfortable to a luxury level, which is why you should consider one a build for you.

Lexus GX460 – The Lexus GX 460 Overland is one of our favorite platforms for an overland build. You get a vehicle that is readily available at a fair price, new or used. The GX460 is based on the Toyota Prado 150. They have taken a very capable vehicle and added the Toyota 4.6L V8 that we love, as well as a very comfortable interior to the point that heated and cooled seats come on the base model. This platform will be reliable for several hundred thousand miles and many years.

Lexus LX570 – The LX 570 is a Land Cruiser 200 with more plastic and a more comfortable interior. They are a bit harder to find, but you are getting a vehicle built to the same level as the Land Cruiser 200 with plenty of aftermarket options for an overland build.

Lexus LX600 – We are very excited for more LX 600 builds to come in. This is the new predecessor to the LX 570, and builds options are starting to hit the market. They are expensive, well-built, and capable overland platform options. Stay tuned as more hit the market. 

Lexus GX470 – The GX 470 is the Prado 120 for the rest of the world. This was a bit of a sleeper, and the secondary market values have increased. This is a great build platform for somebody looking to get a platform in the $10K to $15K range. There are plenty of aftermarket accessory options from reputable companies.

Lexus LX470 – The LX 570 is based on the Land Cruiser 100 series. Like the Land Cruiser 100, we’ve seen platforms come in with north of 500K miles that are in very good condition. The only negative is it does have a torsion bar front suspension, and lift heights can only go so high before the ride begins to suffer. With a minimal lift with 285/70r17 all-terrain tire, you’ll have a rig that rides and functions very well.

There are plenty of aftermarket options for every platform mentioned above. They all share similarities with their Toyota sibling for an overland build, which means options are available.

Suspensions – There are suspensions we love for each model above. Besides the LX570 and GX470, the above platforms come with KDSS, which isn’t bad. We can dial in the suspension to feel better than the factory while increasing the off-road capability. 

Other Accessories – depending on what level of build our clients want, there are plenty of options for body protection, such as skid plates, bumpers, diff guards, and so on, for each platform above. A good platform roof rack, storage, and power management system will make for a well-sorted build.

In Summary, If you’re covering long distances and want a comfortable overland rig that won’t fail, the Lexus overland platforms above are an excellent option for a build. Driving fatigue is minimal, and you’re getting a reliable overland vehicle to the point you’ll want to use it as a daily driver. We’re big fans of the Lexus overland platform and strongly recommend one.