F250/350 Superduty Overland Builds

Ford F250 Overland, The perfect adventure vehicle

One of the biggest issues with an overland build is space and payload. With a family, pets, and room for gear, space starts to run out quickly and the need to go bigger becomes necessary. Let’s dive into why the Ford Super Duty may be the perfect overland vehicle for you.

The Ford F250 has a payload of just over or under 4000 pounds depending if you elect the diesel engine or stay with the gas option. You can also elect the F350, which will come close to doubling the payload. The Super Duty has a solid front axle which makes aftermarket suspension setups more intriguing, and a very comfortable interior with plenty of room.

As mentioned, the F250 and F350 come with a solid front axle and a suspension setup that can be modified very well for an overland build. Our go to for the suspension is a Carli setup for the base, and there are options for skid plates, sliders, and bumpers. Depending on the final weight and if you plan on a dual-use vehicle, the truck can be set up with floating airbags which would help support the added weight in the bed.

With a Ford F250 overland build, your space for gear and a sleeping setup moves to the truck bed. This can be accomplished with something as simple as a bed rack, with storage and a rooftop tent, to a bed-on camper to a full bed replacement camper. Unlike smaller platforms, the Super Duty provides the space and payload to build whatever you want without being as concerned about being overweight.

It’s a large platform and does have some associated negatives because of it. It won’t do well on tighter trails and switch backs and requires more fuel with any engine choices. Although it’s a big truck, If you have the need for more room or want to do a camper on-frame setup, a Ford F-250 or F-350 could be the right overland adventure rig for you.