Land Cruiser Overland Builds

Toyota Land Cruiser Overland, The perfect Basecamp vehicle

There’s a reason you think of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 when you think of a Toyota Overland build. It has been the flagship adventure vehicle of Toyota in this market, just like the Defender has been to Land Rover. For the ultimate reliable Over landing SUV builds, look no further. 

Why the Land Cruiser 200 as an Overland Vehicle?

The Land Cruiser 200 is arguably the most well-built heavy-duty vehicle from the factory. The wiring is impressive, the drivetrain will last half a million miles with no problem, and there is plenty of room inside for gear and family. They come with a higher purchase price but hold their value rather well. 

The evolution of the Land Cruiser from the 40 series, 60 and 62 series, 80 series, 100 series, and now the 200 series has come a long way. The Land Cruiser fzj80, some will say, is the last of the true off-road Toyotas here in the states. There is a debate to be had with this topic, but the overall driving comfort of the 200, mixed with what it can do on the trails, truly sets it apart as a great overland/expedition vehicle. 

Front Bumper & Rear Bumper/Carrier: We like to keep the front end as light as possible while incorporating needs and wants for an overland build. Aluminum is used wherever possible, and steel only where necessary. Once you start looking at the total weight of every option added, this starts to make sense. 

Suspension: We very rarely do long travel; if we do, it comes with a disclaimer. A mid-travel suspension setup will ride better than stock, have less maintenance than long travel, and provide a better ride while allowing you to tackle any obstacle you want. 

Body Protection: Aluminum skid plates as an option with sliders that are preferably steel. Remember that although you can take this rig on 6 and 7 trails in Moab, it is being built as an overland vehicle, not a rock crawler. 

Drivetrain: Front and rear lockers can go along with an optional re-gear if necessary. With the six and 8-speed automatic transmissions in the 200 and the 

Storage: With the cargo space providing plenty of room for a drawer system, this is an option we like to add, and have a few manufacturers that we prefer. This, paired with a roof rack, will provide plenty of appropriate storage space for the buildout. 

Range: If the Land Cruiser 200 has an Achilles heel, it is the rather poor fuel economy. Extended-range fuel tanks are added as an option.
Loaded down the weakness of the Land Cruiser. 

Custom Fabrication: Our goal is to find products on the market and know every available option. Sometimes items need to be custom fabbed, whether a bracket, bumper, slider, or custom panel. The good news is we can build anything we need in-house to make your adventure vehicle a true one-off. 

In Summary, The 2020 model year ended the Land Cruiser 200, and the 300 is not planned for North America. Instead, Toyota is pushing to replace it with a more capable redesigned Sequoia or the Lexus LX600. Both will be good options for an adventure rig, and we look forward to building on them. 

As time goes on, more companies will make products for the new platforms, and they will become the next best options. Please let us know if you would like to become a client of Nomad Outfitters. We would love to assist you with building your dream overland adventure vehicle.