Toyota Overland Builds

Toyota Overland, The perfect adventure vehicle

There is a reason the Toyota platform is a great overland build option and why we recommend it. Overlanding requires driving long distances on road and off-road while having what you want onboard. Whether you’re going out for a few days or planning an extended trip such as the Pan American Highway, you want to be outfitted appropriately and ready for what’s to come.

The goal of our builds is to find that sweet spot of increasing on-road driving comfort with a mid-travel suspension while at the same time maximizing the off-road capability. The Toyota platforms we build on provide an excellent starting point for achieving these goals for you and your family for years to come.

Why Toyota?

Toyota has always been known as a reliable vehicle and the same principles are why we like it for an offroad/overland vehicle. It checks the box for getting you there and back as well as plenty of room for the added creature comforts that we like to add for a build. This includes, but is not limited to, an air compressor, mid-travel suspension setup, power management system, fridge/freezer, storage, solar panels, sleeping accommodations (rooftop tent or camper), and so on.

Toyota Vehicles NOMAD Builds On

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – The Toyota Land Cruiser has been an overland build choice throughout the world for some time. It provides a reliable platform with plenty of power and room for overland creature comforts. The factory build quality is unmatched and it will be a great overland vehicle for years to come. It checks the boxes for capability, comfort and reliability better than most and the pros definitely outway the cons to make it one of our favorite vehicles to build on.

Toyota Tundra – If you are looking for a full-size truck that is reliable, the Tundra checks the box very well. It provides a cabin that is comfortable for 4 and a full-size truck bed that can be fully utilized for gear storage to include bed rack, drawer system, rooftop tent or a body-on-frame camper. Depending on the package and year, the payload is very adequate at 1500 to close to 2000 lbs.

Lexus GX460 – built off the Prado 150 platform for the rest of the world, the GX460 is one of our favorite options to rival the Land Cruiser 200. Unlike the 5th Gen 4Runner, you get the V8 engine, a higher payload, and creature comforts from the factory such as a heated steering wheel and heated and cooled seats. Pair this with plenty of inventory out there, it is a great platform to build on.

Toyota Tacoma – depending on what you want to achieve with a build, the Toyota Tacoma is a good midsize build option. Although there are better options in the midsize market with factory payload and powertrains from other manufacturers, Tacoma will always be a strong player in the market because of its reliability. Be aware going in that it will likely cost more to achieve the build you want than other mid-size options here in the United States. 

Toyota 4Runner – the Toyota 4Runner, like the Tacoma is a great lower-price entry-level vehicle with great off-road performance and on-road driveability from the factory. Just like the other Toyotas on this page, it will serve its purpose for years to come. They are underpowered once you start to modify the platform and you need to understand what you’re getting into from the start. 

We’ve always said the Tacoma and 4Runner start to feel heavy once you add a duffle bag and pack of gum to them. Although we can re-gear, add more fuel capacity, supercharge, and so on, you soon start to realize this can become very expensive and you may be better off buying a GX460 or Land Cruiser 200 from the start. That being said, some love the platform and with enough time and money anything is possible.